Theatre & acting

Applied music Course

(Students’ majors are divided into two from 2nd year)

// Education Objective(Educational Mission Statement)

In order to render the upcoming new generation, as well as its culture and media contents. We strive to create a creative & innovative environment for our students. Being able to curate individual ideas based on the fundamentals learned through film production(FTV), theatre & acting, and applied music(commercial music).

// Curriculum

Theatre & acting : To learn acting fundamentals as well as performances & theatre sequences. From film preparation all the way to the producing & creating of the films. Along with film editing, music vedeo, and music dramas are learned within the process.

Applied music : applied music consists of the vocal & instrumental conservatory(guitar, bass, keyboard/piano, drums are consisting within the conservatory)

// Career after Graduation

To be the experts about Vast media contents, music production.
Being able to produce and direct the students individual film.

career : Musician, musical theatre actor/actress/performer, video/film editor, film director, composer, lyricist, vocalist

college : commercial music(applied music), entertainment & media contents, performative arts, FTV(film & television), film(Video) making department

Sports Management


// Education Objective(Educational Mission Statement)

To nurture professionals who are competent in the fields of health care content, sports industry, and sports

instructors by understanding the necessity and importance of physical activities and acquiring knowledge and

skills to experience and participate in various sports

// Curriculum

- Basic theoretical courses in sports through introductory classes

- Understanding of physical movement through gymnastics, track and field, and swimming

- Reinforcement of sports game performance and physical strength through golf, spinning pilates, bowling,

wrest In& Judo, taekwondo, kendo, badminton, table tennis, vo ley ball, and wel gnt training

- Capacity-bullding training in leadership skis

• Utilization of ICT In the development of hesith evalust ion and hesithrrelsted contents

- Video analysis in sports, etc.

// Career after Graduation

Instructors of short for all;, sports instructors for children, the elderty, and the general public, recreationi

instructors, sports agents, water safety personnel, guards and security services, sports-related sales and

management services, etc.

The following departments, such as physical education, adapted physical education, community sport, security

science, physical therapy, and early childhood education, will foster a broader perspective and acadernic

knowledge in relation to the Department of Health Science

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